Monday, July 13, 2009

Life is a Verb

Once again, it's been far too long!!

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And now, a little wisdom from Osho for the day:

"In reference to true life all nouns are wrong, only verbs are true. When you say, "This is a tree," you are making a wrong statement existentially. Not lingustically, not grammatically, but existentially you are making a wrong statement, because the tree is not a static thing, it is growing. It is never in a state of is-ness, it is always becoming. In fact, to call it a tree is not right; it is tree-ing. A river is always river-ing."

...We can use this same understanding to deepen our grasp of our poses. Even when we think were are as still as possible in an asana, there is always the movement of life, the movement of breath, the movement of the muscles continuing to relax or engage.... the whole posture is alive with subtle movement and energy. If your breathing is consistent and you are able to turn your attention inward, you will be able to observe this remarkable sensation - the sensation of pure, vibrant life.

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